Renegades of Real Estate Golf Classic

The format is a SHAMBLE. Maximum score on any hole is a BOGEY. The committee asks that your round take no more than 4.5 hours and to please turn in scorecards upstairs in the box on the piano upon completion of play.

A minimum of FOUR drives per player MUST be used. If you have less than 4 players, each player will rotate the respective shot in the same order.

Definition of a Shamble: All players on a team tee off, then the best positioned ball is chosen. The three other balls are then moved to that spot and each player will take a shot. The best ball location is chosen after each shot

Blue Tees (where the sponsors signs are located)

Rain rule:               In the event of inclement weather, nine holes will constitute an event.

Tie:                           Should two/three teams tie, the winner will be determined by who has the    best score on Hole 17. If both teams have the same number of strokes on hole 17, then, the best score on hole 14. Then 7. Then 3.

Mega Ticket includes:

Golf Ball Launch:  If all players on a team purchase a ticket to launch a golf ball. The team gets an automatic 1 on the      par four. If the entire team does not participate in launch, the team would continue to play as if it          was a normal hole.

Mulligans:                Each team can buy 4 mulligans at a cost of $25 each. This is to be prepaid prior to the start of the         round.

Sandy:                         With a purchase of a Mega ticket, you receive one sandy. A team can elect to throw a ball out the                                            sand as their stroke.